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FREE WholeBody Health Challenge

This 5-day challenge will help you reignite your “spark” to help you live your biggest, boldest, and best life.  Get 5 days of health essentials and 5 movement classes to get you on track to feeling great!

Free Gift #2

FREE "This is NOT Normal! eBook

You will receive a FREE ebook copy of Dr. Deborah Matthew’s book This Is NOT Normal!: A Busy Woman’s Guide to Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance. You will learn that hormones play a very important role in how you feel and identify the main causes for hormone imbalances in women of all ages. You will also discover the pros and cons of various treatment options, learn how to communicate to your healthcare provider more precisely and develop a specific plan that will restore you to the real you.

Free Gift #3

Top 10 Tips For A Healthy, Happy Gut

WANT A HAPPY GUT IN AS LITTLE AS 28 DAYS? In this guide Dr Vincent Pedro provides 10 simple steps to be bloat-free in only 28 days, so you can focus on being happy instead of your gut. Download this FREE digital guide to learn ten simple steps that will give you freedom from bloating and other annoying stomach “issues,” and related symptoms, like fatigue, mental fog, and skin problems

Free Gift #3

FREE Saving Your Brain Book by Dr. Kelly Miller

Dr. Kelly Miller’s Saving Your Brain Book covers the causes, prevention, and reversal of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dr. Miller is offering those who have attended Wellness After 40 Summit a FREE digital copy of the Amazon bestselling Saving Your Brain book, by using the RestoreBrain promo code.

Free Gift #5

Your Fasting Type Free Quiz

Shawn Wells is providing Summit attendee’s a FREE science-based quiz that will help you instantly know your fasting type in 2 minutes.

Free Gift #4

FREE Full Body Prehab eBook

In this FREE eBook the Prehab guys share what it means to Prehab your full body.  It will teach you how to start setting up the 4 foundational pillars of long-term fitness: Mobility, Strength, Power and Neuro-Muscular Control.

Free Gift #4

FREE Stretching Tips: Discover 7 Stretching Secrets to Improve Your Flexibility eBook

In this FREE Stretching Tips eBook Brad Walker, aka the Stretch Coach, will give you all the basics on how to stretch properly so you get the most out of your time spent stretching. While the 1 hour MP3 Audio presentation whilst taking beyond the basics and discusses little known stretching secrets that will revolutionize the way you think about stretching and flexibility.

Free Gift #8

FREE The Wild Garden eBook

A beautifully illustrated ‘children’s book for adults’ by Benjamin Page that tells the short but sweet tale of the inevitability of belongingness, wholeness and a return to what we are.

Free Gift #5

FREE Thrive to 105 eBook

A FREE guidebook by Dr. Kien Vuu to help you achieve peak performance, get more attractive, have an abundance of energy, and have longevity in their life, so you can have a happier life and relationships.

Free Gift #6

The Fit Father Starter Plan For Men 40+ | FREE Meal Plan + At-Home Workout

Men over 40 need to eat and exercise differently than younger guys to burn off belly fat, build muscle, and feel energized & healthy. Inside this Fit Father 1-Day Meal Plan + Metabolism Boosting Workout, our Fit Father Team will show you exactly how you can lose weight & get healthier WITHOUT starving yourself or spending hours in the gym. When you click the link below, we will email you a step-by-step meal plan, safe at-home workout for guys 40+, and some private email training to help you lose weight, look & feel younger, and see REAL results this week.

Free Gift #7

FREE Circadian Wisdom eBook

In this FREE 87-page eBook Dr John Douillard will teach you about Circadian rhythms. The unique forces in nature created by daily and seasonal light-dark cycles. Every living thing has evolved to react to these rhythms by turning on and off biological clocks in every cell of the body. Learn how to use circadian cycles to your advantage for optimal health and vitality.

Free Gift #12

FREE A Green RX and Cooking the Real Age Way

Dr John La Puma provides 2 Free Downloadable Mini-Books. The first A Green RX will teach you how to use nature to heal and the second Cooking the Real Way will provide you with more than 80 delicious and healthy recipes.

Free Gift #13

FREE Rescue Your Health Starter Guide

In this FREE Guide Dr Marvin Singh provides his go-to medical tests, healthy lifestyle tips, and patient success stories which will leave you feeling inspired to personalize your healthcare, optimize wellbeing, and take control of your destiny.

Free Gift #14

FREE Metabolic Code Diet Guides

Jumpstart your lifestyle transformation journey with a choice of one of James LaValle’s awesome Metabolic Code® Diet guides.

Free Gift #15

FREE Wellculator Guide

In this FREE 49 page eBook Celynn Morin will guide you through the Wellculator framework and the top 10 lifestyle choices you need to enrich the quality of your life. You will learn 100 simple action steps that will help you to receive MORE energy and creativity, SUSTAINABLE clarity and performance, IMPROVED immunity, mood and sleep, and look and feel YOUNGER than you are!

Free Gift #16

What's Your Gratitude Personality Quiz

Discover how much gratitude (and grit) you have with chronic illness. Take the fun 2-minute quiz developed by Pink Fortitude and discover how your unique personality can help you rise up with resilience when health challenges shatter your world. By completing the quiz you will unlock free gratitude resources based on your personality.

Free Gift #8

FREE Introduction to Ayurveda eBook

Learn the basics about Vedic philosophy, your Ayurvedic constitution, Ayurvedic lifestyle choices, seasonal eating, and the best herbs, supplements, and self-care practices to keep you balanced and in sync with nature in this free eBook from LifeSpa.

Free Gift #18

FREE Recovery Guide to Pre-Op and Post-Op Surgery

Dr. Sherri Greene has created this Free guide in the hopes of you having the best tools and knowledge on how to prepare before your surgical procedure and how best to recover with the least side effects and quickest recovery time.

Free Gift #9

FREE Ageless Living Manifesto eBook

In this 150-page eBook you will learn the key principles of the Ageless Living Philosophy of life and what it means to live life agelessly. Get ready to be empowered to see your age, not as a limitation, but an opportunity to leverage all your experience and wisdom to create a life that excites you. To create and live a legend life.

Free Gift #10

FREE First Chapter of Stay Of My Operating Table

Get the first chapter of Dr Philip Ovadia’s book, Stay of My Operating Table, to find out how you can reduce your chances of a heart attack. Dr Ovadia, a heart surgeon, provides a Metabolic Guide to lose weight, prevent disease and feel your best every day.

Free Gift #11

FREE Four Day Kickstart Your Arthritis Adventure Challenge

In this 4 day challenge Alyssa Kuhn will guide you on how to feel stronger and finally move without flaring up your arthritis pain! You will receive 4 days of follow-along movement and arthritis tips created by Alyssa, a doctor of physical therapy, to help you learn proper form and new techniques to break through arthritis pain. These workouts will leave you feeling better than when you started, not worse.

Free Gift #22

FREE Be Perfectly Healthy Guide

In this complementary guide Dr Leigh Erin Connealy will share how to live naturally, truly and happily. You will have access to articles that provide easy steps for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle and don’t know where to start.

Free Gift #12

FREE Introduction to Qigong Online Program

In this short program (approx 2-3 hours), drip-fed over 7 days, Kim Knight will give you a solid introduction to the concepts and practice of the ancient art of Qigong (life-force energy cultivation).

Free Gift #13


Replacing cow’s milk dairy in your diet doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. In this free guide Dr. Yami Cazorla-Lancaster shows you there are so many options from the very convenient to the deliciously homemade!

Free Gift #25

Free Over 40 Health Tips Video

Dr. Melissa Gallagher shares the importance of Prostate and Breast Health. Plus, if you watch the videos you will receive a special summit discount on the Ultimate Breast Health Course and the Ultimate Guide to Prostate Healing.

Free Gift #14

FREE The Attunement Meditation Process Guided Meditation & Mindfulness bundle

Listen to Dr. Andrea Pennington’s soothing guided meditations on the go. These are excellent for relieving stress, regulating emotions, increasing compassion, building resilience and healing the inner child.

Free Gift #15

FREE How to Reverse Osteoarthritis Guide

In this practical guide Dr. Alyssa Kuhn explains the 5 action steps you need to take to reverse osteoarthritis.  

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