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Discover the best strategies for protecting you from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and other chronic illnesses and disease.

Learn how to optimize your health, fitness and wellbeing to live longer and with greater energy and vitality.

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To access the critical information and learn the strategies that will ensure you can live free from chronic illness, disease and infirmity?  But more importantly that will empower you to live your 40’s and beyond healthier, fitter, with more energy and for longer.  To help you truly thrive.

Then the Wellness After 40 Summit is for you.  It is a twelve-day, 100% virtual, on demand event that brings together 75 of the world’s leading experts –doctors, fitness and wellbeing experts, nutritionists, and wellness coaches to share the most current research on nutrition, exercise, disease and illness prevention and immune health. 

You will have to the proven lifestyle strategies and habits that will empower you to take responsibility for your wellness in your 40’s and beyond!

New video masterclass sessions will be released each day based on a day’s theme  and available on demand for 24 hours for all event registrants.

Event registrants will also have access to 12 daily workouts, 12 daily mediation and breathwork sessions and 12 daily flexibility, mobility and self-care sessions.  You will also have access to 19 daily cooking and green smoothie classes.

So, get ready to take the first and most important step towards a longer, healthier, fitter and more energized life. To LIVE A WELLNESS LIFE. 

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Learn From These 75 Trusted Authorities

Get ready to learn the latest, cutting-edge insights from world renowned health and wellness experts – many whom are leaders in their field.

Debra Atkinson

Strength Training Over 40

Natalie Butler, RDN, LD

Preventing & Reversing Poor Metabolic Health

Heather Moday, MD

Rebalance Your Immune System

Daniella Chace

Toxins & Their Connection to Illness & Disease

Evan Brand

Molds & Mycotoxins

Jean LaMantia, RD

 Reduce The Risk of & Recover From Cancer

William Davis, M.D

Skin Health & Your Gut

Emily Webb

Moving for Life: Posture, Core & Flexibility

Joanna Baker, APD RN

Digestive Wellness & Healing Your Gut Naturally

Liliana Partida, CN

Metabolic Health & Type 2 Diabetes


Christine Bailey, MSc, PGCE, MBANT, CNHC

Boost Your Brain Health

Lorna Bennett

Mindfulness Meditation for Real Life


Joyce Shulman

Walking for Health & Fitness

Brooke Goldner, MD

How to Prevent & Reverse Autoimmune Disease

Yely Rivas-Staley

Embracing Self-Care Practices

Joanna Bowen

Nutrition for Aging Youthfully

Joanna McMillan, PhD

Nutrition and Mental Health

Michelle Edmison

Optimize Your Mobility & Movement

Christine Conti

Exercise with Chronic Disease & Arthritis

Melissa Sundermann, MD

Power of Movement in Nature

Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, CNS

The Mediterranean Diet for Optimal Health

Rachel Richards

Massage & Self-Massage

Paul Ling Tai, MD 

Powerful Secrets of Anti-Aging

Missy White

Cold Therapy & Guided Breathing

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William Li, MD
Prevent & Reverse Disease With Food
Deborah Matthew, MD
Hormone Health & Rebalancing Your Hormones
Kiran Krishnan, PhD
Your Microbiome & Immunity
Gabrielle Lyon, MD
Muscle-Centric Medicine for Optimal Health
Vincent Pedre, MD
Secrets to Gut Health
Lori Shemek, PhD
Control Inflammation for Disease Prevention, Longevity & Weight Loss
John La Puma, MD
EcoMedicine for Better Health & A Better Planet
Leigh Erin Connealy, MD
How To Prevent Cancer & Live An Anti-Cancer Lifestyle
Kristen Willeumier, PhD

Biohack Your Brain for
Cognitive Health

James LaValle, RPh

Metabolic Code
Take Control of Your Metabolic Health for Optimal Living

Andrea Pennington, MD
Building Resilience & Self Love to Better Manage Stress
Jason Prall
Healthy Aging & Longevity Secrets From the Longest Lived
Sherri Greene, MD
Immunity & Autoimmune Disease
Dr Marvin Singh
Rescue Your Health with Precision Medicine
Nicole Apelian

The Healing Power of
Herbal Medicine

Philip Ovadia, MD
Metabolic Health to Prevent Heart Disease & Other Chronic Illnesses
Amanda Thebe
Women’s Fitness Over 40
Elisha Goldstein, PhD

Unlocking Your Natural Biological Potential For Real Happiness

Amanda Archibald, RD
Nutrigenomics: How Diet and Food Interact with Our Genes
John Douillard, DC, CAP
Ayurvedic Medicine for Longevity & Anti-Ageing
Aly Cohen, MD
Non-Toxic Living in a Chemical World
Kien Vuu, MD
Activate Your Thrive State for Optimal Health & Longevity
Brooke Siler
Pilates for Fitness & Wellness After 40
Nick Fuller, PhD
Interval Weight Loss: A Scientific Approach to Long-Term Weight Loss

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Sara Kooperman
Exercise For Ageless Living
Patrick Porter, PHD
Brain Fitness & Brain Peak Performance
Heather Shenkman, MD
Plant-Based Heart Disease Prevention & Reversal
The Energy Formula & Supplementation For Longevity
Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NM
Fascia Self-Care for Chronic Pain Relief & Prevention
Kelly Miller, NMD
Causes, Prevention, and Reversal of Dementia/Alzheimer’s
Sandra Scheinbaum, PhD
How to Cultivate Positive Psychological Wellbeing
Stuart McGill, PhD
Back Fitness & Health to Prevent & Treat Back Pain
Christiane Wolf, MD
Mindfulness & Meditation For Optimal Mental Wellbeing
Anthony Balduzzi, NMD

Men’s Fitness Over 40

Yami Cazorla-Lancaster, MD
Intuitive and Plant-Based Eating
Alex Dimitriu, MD
Sleep Optimization for Mental & Brain Health
Megan Kearney
Yoga for Fitness, Wellness & Healing
Max Goldberg
Organic Foods & an Organic Lifestyle
Kim Knight
Unlocking Your Healing Potential With Qigong
Brad Walker
A Guide to Stretching & Flexibility
Jill Nussinow, RD
Whole Food & Plant-Based Eating
Benjamin Page
Forest Bathing & Nature Therapy
Lindsey Elmore, PharmD, BCPS
Essential Oils for Health & Wellbeing

Melissa Gallagher, ND

Supplementation Insights & Tips
Sherif Elnaggar, PT, DPT, OCS
Mobility, Stability, & Prehab For Injury Prevention
Sandra Kaufmann, MD
Why We Age & How to Decelerate the Aging Process
Ed Harrold

Breathwork for Health
& Wellbeing

Celynn Morin
Celynn Morin, RD
Wellculator: A Holistic Framework for Wellness & Life Vitality

Alyssa Kuhn, DPT

New Perspectives on Arthritis & How to Overcome Osteoarthritis Pain

Deborah C. Smith

Green Smoothies for Optimal Health

Colin Reno

Measuring & Reversing Your Biological Age

Damian Geleyns

Wellness Life After 40 & Summit Recap

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You want to improve your fitness, flexibility, mobility and stability to prevent injury and chronic pain.

You want to make the best lifestyle choices to allow you to live healthier and longer whilst preventing chronic disease and illness.

You want to slow down the natural aging process, look and feel younger and empower yourself to live a long, healthy and vital life.

You want to improve your brain health, fitness and performance whilst preventing Alzheimer’s/dementia and cognitive decline as you get older.

You want to learn about food as medicine, plant focused nutrition and the best foods, supplements and nutrition for a healthier, fitter, longer and more energized life.

You want to get past the hype and access the evidence-based information to enable you to make more informed health, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing choices.

You want to be healthy, fit and energetic so that you can be there to fully enjoy your children and grandchildren whilst providing them with a role model for a healthy lifestyle.

You want to be ageless. To live a longer, healthier and fitter life. To be empowered to live your life on your terms unconstrained by your health and wellbeing.

Claim Your FREE Spot for the 2023 Wellness After 40 Summit!

Get the latest cutting-edge insights and practical advice from 75 of the world’s most trusted health and wellbeing experts to help you thrive.



Tips and strategies for improving your fitness, strength, flexibility, mobility and stability whilst preventing injury, reducing chronic pain and ensuring ongoing active living.


Learn how to fortify your immune system and other health systems to increase your resistance to and prevent, and reverse the effects of chronic disease and illness.


Learn how to use food as medicine to optimize your health, prevent chronic disease and illness and learn about the best supplements to boost your heath and assist with longevity.


Learn how to ensure your metabolism is functioning optimally, rebalance your hormones and successful, long-term strategies for sustainable weight loss.


Learn how to get engaged in a brain healthy lifestyle to help prevent Alzheimer’s/dementia and cognitive decline whilst building the mental and emotional resilience to excel in life.


Learn the tips and strategies to slow down the ageing process, begin to look and feel younger ensuring you not only live longer but live with greater energy and vitality.




Access to 75+ life changing and actionable interviews with world class experts who will share their wisdom, insights, and tips, in short interviews so you can optimize every area of your life and live with greater fitness, wellbeing and health.

Feel empowered to take action to change your life so that you can claim for yourself greater health, fitness, cognitive capacity, a longer life and overall long-term wellbeing.

Get the latest updates, news, and science-backed information from trusted experts to help dispel your confusion and help you make the choices and adopt the lifestyle habits that will fuel your long-term, health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Get the practical advice and strategies that you can immediately implement into your life to get fitter, healthier, prevent chronic illness and disease and slow down the ageing process.

Exclusive invite to a private Facebook group so you can become part of a supportive and inspiring community committed to living with greater health, fitness and wellbeing.


Incorporate some movement into your day to stay focused and energized with the Summit’s Wellness Studio. Follow along at home with 12 daily mat yoga, mat Pilates and fitness workouts to kick-start your day. Plus, you will have access to 12 daily mindfulness, meditation and breathwork sessions to help you to relax, destress and recenter.  You will also have access to 12 daily self-care sessions including self-massage, mobility and stretching to help you move freely without stress on the body.



Follow along at home with cooking demos of handcrafted recipes using healthy, whole-food, plant-focused ingredients. Learn how to make a tasty green smoothie or discover new recipes like Crunchy Vegan Thai Peanut Noodle, Rainbow Salad & Ranch Dressing and others.

The Summit’s Wellness Kitchen will give you access to 19 on-demand cooking sessions.  The perfect way to put into practice the whole food, plant focused and healthy eating insights you will learn during the Summit.

Claim Your FREE Spot for the 2023 Wellness After 40 Summit!

Get the latest cutting-edge insights and practical advice from 75 of the world’s most trusted health and wellbeing experts to help you thrive.



Damian is a self-made serial entrepreneur, health and fitness lover, self-actualizer, and experience of life.  He is also an evangelist for Ageless Living.  To living lives that are not limited by our age, but rather defined by our attitude and approach to life.  Lives that are lived more purposefully and intentionally and with greater fitness, health, wellness, longevity and vitality.

Damian has spent over 35 years of his life committed to living a healthy lifestyle based on fitness, wellness and natural living and his entrepreneurial endeavors have always seen him connected to the health, fitness and wellness segment.

Today he is committed to empowering others approaching or over 40 and beyond to live their lives with greater fitness, wellness and health. To ensuring their wellness is an enabler and not a limiter to them living longer and better. To living free from disease, illness and injury.  To living their best lives.


You’ll feel informed with credible, actionable information, and practical strategies, you can use to confidently take charge of your health, fitness, and wellbeing.

You’ll have the confidence to begin developing your own healthy eating, fitness and wellness regime to ensure you live your life with optimal wellness.

You’ll feel confident that you will be able to slow down the ageing process and as a result look and feel younger whilst living with greater vitality.

You’ll have certainty that regardless of your age you have the strategies and information to help you prevent chronic disease and cognitive decline.

And you’ll feel your part of a vibrant community of health and fitness conscious people committed to a wellness lifestyle and who feel inspired and empowered to live their best life.

Claim Your FREE Spot for the 2023 Wellness After 40 Summit!

Get the latest cutting-edge insights and practical advice from 75 of the world’s most trusted health and wellbeing experts to help you thrive.


Your health, fitness and wellbeing need to be a priority. Not just someday, but right now!

There has never been a better time to seize control of your health and wellbeing, and in doing so secure for yourself a healthier, fitter life and a longer and better future. 

I have brought together 75 health, nutritional, fitness and wellbeing experts, to provide you with the insights, information, and strategies, to help you become your healthiest, fittest, and youngest self. 

In highly engaging and informative sessions, world class wellness experts will provide you with all the insights you need to not only prevent chronic disease and illness but to empower you to optimize your wellness potential.  So, that you can live your life with greater health, wellbeing, fitness, longevity and vitality.

Join some of the world’s most respected experts and health and wellness visionaries and RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH, FITNESS & WELLBEING and get ready to REJUVENATE!


Wellness is freedom.   Not only freedom from disease, illness, injury or infirmity. But freedom to feel you have the energy, passion for life and vitality to live your best life.  A life lived on your terms, regardless of your age. To BE AGELESS

The Summit will give you the strategies, latest updates, and expert information to help you to make the best lifestyle choices for your health, fitness and wellbeing.  To make wellness an integral and central part of your life.  To help you begin to live a wellness life.

Get ready to be empowered to change your life and seize back control of your health and wellbeing so that you can make your 40’s and beyond your best years. 



Claim Your FREE Spot for the 2023 Wellness After 40 Summit!

Get the latest cutting-edge insights and practical advice from 75 of the world’s most trusted health and wellbeing experts to help you thrive.

The Wellness After 40 Summit Ends in: